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Corridor Project - Night(Unreal Engine 4)Natural Theme + Tron Theme

After Day comes Night...
Project Corridor is now completed with this Night Edition of same corridor with some extra modifications to suit the scene.

Any feedback/Criticism is appreciated .

Going to take some days off and then on to next project.

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00044

Shot #1 - Corridor(Expanded)

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00037

Shot #2 - Corridor(from other side)

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00045

Shot #3 - Corridor(long)

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00039
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00048
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00043
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00038
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00040
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00046
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00007 10
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00041
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00047
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00010
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00008
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00012
Ankit passi highresscreenshot00009