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Walk in a Park

This is my third project now , Instead of Choosing urban locations , i decided to collect how foliage is used inside games.
So i got inspiration from crysis 2 and 3 , and tries to create a park scene .
It's a pretty small environment as i tried to balance foliage and tree's shadows with Environment's own color .
Due to limitations of my system , this small scene took around 20 hours to render properly , i guess i have to be more serious my performance too and tries to balance with visual quality.
I'm just a beginner to this and can use some of your feedback to maximize quality of my projects.
As always any type of feedback/criticism is much appreciated.
Everything is rendered inside Unreal Engine 4 .

I have to think pretty seriously about my next project now and will do better next time. Thanks all!

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00007

Shot #1

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00010

Shot #2

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00011

Shot #3

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00013

Shot #4