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Environment Scenery - Night and Mountains (Pre-Rendered)

Another Simple-yet-Realistic Nature Render
Models Created from Scratch in Blender Engine
Material Creation in Unreal Engine 4
Rendered in Real Time using Unreal Engine 4

Finished Creating Set of High-Low Poly Trees
I believe this set is the last of Foliage Assets. ,Working on Tweaking Tree Models.

Update #2
Created Mountains in Blender Engine. ,Applied Textures

Update #3
Created House in Unreal Engine ,UV Unwrapped in Blender ,Materialised in Unreal Engine

Update #4
Created Moon in Blender Engine
Texture from Moon Tutorial : Link :

Update #5
Sculpting Begins , Material Applied

Update #6
Water Shader Created (Pretty Happy with result) , Finished Lake , Added Mountains , Added Moon

Update #7
Grass Created , Trees Applied , Post Processing done , House added , More Tweaks and Volumetric Clouds Added.

Next update will Take some time.

Any Piece of Advice or Words of Wisdom are welcome and appreciated!

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00015

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #10

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00016

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #9

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00006

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #8

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00008

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #7

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00017

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #6

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00014

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #5

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00011

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #4

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00013

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #3

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00007

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #2

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00012

Final Shot(Pre-Rendered) #1

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00002

Textures applied with Post-Processing

Ankit passi highresscreenshot00001

First Sculpt of Level

Ankit passi 2

Tree settings #1

Ankit passi 3

Tree settings #2

Ankit passi 6

Final Tree Models used in Other Images

Ankit passi 1

Flares through trees

Ankit passi 4

Tyndall Effect , love it

Ankit passi 5


Ankit passi 6

Overall (Long Grass + Short Grass + Wooden Fences)

Ankit passi cf9032a4 7db1 4558 8bde 7939c10f70f3

Long Grass + Short Grass

Ankit passi 2

Difference between Long and Short Grass

Ankit passi 3

Wooden Fence Demonstration #1

Ankit passi 4

Wooden Fence Demonstration #2

Ankit passi 1

Wooden Fence Demonstration #3

Ankit passi 7

Wooden Fence Final Model

Ankit passi 5

Short Grass Demonstration

Ankit passi 9

Short Grass Final Model

Ankit passi long grassrender

Long Grass Demonstration #2

Ankit passi long grassrender1

Long Grass Demonstration #1

Ankit passi 8

Long Grass Final Model

Ankit passi 10

Weed Final Model