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City and Sunset Render

Scene portrays the "A Not-so-doing-Great City covered in Fog on the verge of Night."

Entire Level is modeled in Blender Cycles Itself.
Modelling of this Scene took me 72+ Hours and Many References from New York's Time Square , Venice , etc.

Main Focus in Sun Itself and Adjusted using "Rule of Thirds".
Only 1 Primary Light Source used in this scene that is controlling the Scene Color.
Effect of Sun Beams can be seen between Buildings.
Additional Light Sources such as Lamp Post(Not Visible Much in Scene) provides another night depiction.

Models on the Top of Buildings are Modeled Separately and distributed using Blender's Particle System.

Sky Texture is from
Little Adjustments are done to fit the Scene.

Rendering Time clocked on 42 hours using Branched Path Tracing Algorithm.

Over 500+ Faces are Unwrapped.
3 Texture Atlases of 4096 x 2740 resolutions are used.
All Textures are Downloaded from

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Ankit passi exp1 35 2 final

Final Render

Ankit passi exp1 34 1

Pre-Final Render

Ankit passi exp1 31 1

Adjusting Contrast

Ankit passi exp1 29 1

Adjusting Brightness

Ankit passi exp1 27 1

Variation #1

Ankit passi exp1 22 1

Setting Sun

Ankit passi exp1 16

Experimentation with Volumetric Scattering

Ankit passi screenshot 39

Antennas and Chimney Models

Ankit passi exp1 17

Variation #2

Ankit passi exp1 14 1

First Texture Iteration

Ankit passi exp0 3

Basic Layout

Ankit passi screenshot 38


Ankit passi screenshot 37

3D View Blender